Hanuman Lake – Bhimashankar

Picnicking Near Hanuman Lake: Cut off from the density of the forests, the banks of Hanuman Lake offers lush green rolling plains for peace-loving families to conduct a small picnic, surrounded by the serene view of the lake, nestled within the wooded Sahyadri all around. If you are lucky, a squirrel or two might pay you a visit.

Sacred Groves: The forest has around 14 sacred groves of trees, which are believed to be the origin place and genetic pools of many species of flora and fauna. Thus, they provide a great place to conduct some ecological and biological study and research – for educational purposes or simply to witness patches of land which have witnessed times older than 1000 years.

Fireflies’ Festival: Every year, before the advent of monsoon, the Bhorgiri village comes alive with thousands and thousands of fireflies settled on the ground, hovering in the air or lighting up the trees around. It is a breathtaking sight to witness. The locals celebrate this miraculous incident ad a festival, as it only happens once every year.

Slightly difficult to reach, although worth the effort, the Hanuman Lake is a beautiful lake located in Bhimashankar. Lots of animals including squirrels and bids could also be spotted here.

There is a temple nearby too. It’s a good picnic spot for family and it is advisable to carry some packed food here and maybe even board games or frisbees.

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